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My artistic journey began with commissions - logos, fliers, posters etc, for the local council and designing promotional material for musicians.  I also dabbled in photo restoration for a while.

My first website 'Photo Art Station' showcased illustrations and early artworks and over time, became a modest and varied portfolio.  

To pay homage to my hometown, I put together a small collection of  Sheffield Art, to include Hendersons Relish, of course, which was duly accepted by the company itself!

To promote my work, I also approached several small art galleries in the local area, the largest of which was the Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield.

I primarily work in commercial decor for OOTB Art Licensing,  which has placed my art in the public domain.  Although the varying trends and styles feed my creativity,  there is always time to indulge in my absolute passion - classical art twists and graffiti montage.





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